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"My son loves his lulupeg! It keeps him thinking momma is holding him!"

"Lulupegs have been well received by the residents in the unit where my mother lives."

"She loves it. She is so adorable. I'm definitely going to have to order more. Mom named her Annie Mae after her mom."

"In my opinion, you have a  product that will benefit a limitless and diverse population ~ MB
Miracle in the Microwave?
by Malcolm Brownell, M.A.

Lulupegs? When Liz called and described her invention, as a born skeptic I was, well, skeptical.  Days later I received a package of Lulupegs to provide a review.  The concept was sound and they looked like a solid product so I agreed to take them for a test drive.

It just so happened my 11-year-old daughter had the flu at the time.  I promptly read the instructions, popped one in the microwave for a minute or two and handed it to my girl.  I was pleasantly surprised at the instant comfort and joy with which my otherwise miserable flu patient responded to the Lulupeg.

As a gerontologist and a PHD candidate in Special Education specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis, the science of behavior modification, I envision a wide range of uses for the Lulupeg.  My area of concentration is working with dementia patients that experience “sundowning”, a syndrome that affects a population of dementia patients and is marked by aggressive behaviors late in the afternoon and early evening. These behaviors can include striking out at other patients and caregivers/family members both physically and verbally.  While medical science searches for physiological answers and solutions behind this phenomena, behavior analysts are searching for coping tools to reduce or eliminate the adverse behaviors. 

While having access to the Lulupegs for a short period of time, I can say the product is worthy of consideration as a comforting companion for elderly suffering from dementia.  The Lulupeg is well built and the warming affect is a welcome comfort.  It holds its heat for an extended period and even after cooling it seems to continue to sooth.

I would also recommend the Lulupeg for physical therapists looking for unique ways to apply heat therapy for elderly patients.  The heat output is controlled by the time spent in the microwave.  If you need extra heat just add a minute or two.  The heat level is easily manipulated.

I look forward to continued “testing” of this product with the elderly but see other groups that could possibly benefit from the Lulupeg.  For example, children with special needs such as those on the autism spectrum who seek unique rewards for proper behavior or any child in need of a warm snuggle buddy.

"We love ours, and place it next to my infant son every night so that he feels snuggled!"

lulupegs™ Comfort Dementia Patients
by Mona L. Hayden, Louisiana Road Trips

lulupegs™ have obviously found a new and exciting purpose. The handmade fabric dolls filled with a proprietary blend of natural grains are serving as the new baby doll, heating blanket and/or lapdog for the elderly population suffering from dementia (including Alzheimer’s). Of course, the lulupeg™ can be placed in the freezer or microwave for soothing aches and pains but they appear to have a certain sensory affect as patients are clinging to these dolls as a child would his favorite blanket.

The dramatic discovery occurred when an elderly woman diagnosed with dementia had become very agitated and withdrawn. Her caretaker handed her a lulupeg™ in an effort to appease her and the patient’s immediate response was definitely encouraging. Her features softened as she seemed to ‘recognize’ the puppy-shaped doll in her lap. Unlike stuffed animals, the weight and feel of the lulupeg™ was more realistic and comforting. The caretaker then decided to warm the Demi-Dolls (marketed for dementia patients) in the microwave before handing it back to the elderly woman. This time she closed her eyes and smiled, perhaps recognizing the object but obviously calmed by the warmth and weight of the lulupeg™.

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"I was skeptical, but
thought I'd use a seasoned mom's advice!!! He slept
four hours!!!!"

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